Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Since we'd started Carrier Pigeon: Illustrated Fiction and Fine Art, one of the most exciting aspects of running the publication has been all of the kindred hearts that have come out to support us. People young and old, artists, musicians, writers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, hipsters, metal-heads, etc... all drawn to the notion of absolute creative freedom. Even though we'd started the publication for selfish reasons, as an outlet for our artistic vision of unsegregated, honest art in a commercial format, meeting like minded people gave us a feeling of real purpose and drive.

We are excited to launch the Carrier Pigeon blog for the same purpose. To meet more of you!

All the staff members of C.P. have a contributing voice and will try to share more of their projects and personal interests with our colleagues and patrons.

There are a lot more exiting Carrier Pigeon news coming up as well, like a free international contest and the release or issue 2. And I promise that this is the most formal post that I will ever write here.

So without further delay and on behalf of all of Carrier Pigeon,


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