Sunday, February 27, 2011

DEAD CORPSE: Twice as Dead

Drive, chaos and aggression are the blood and guts of this band. DEAD CORPSE kills. Being one of the members, I know personally. Formed in 2008, Dead Corpse is: Justin Sanz, Alex Banner, Russ Spitkovsky and myself (Ray Jones). All of us are regular contributing artists to Carrier Pigeon.

Justin Sanz, the vocalist of Dead Corpse and cover artist for Issue 3, silkscreened the back covers of Issue 2. Russ Spitkovsky shreds on guitar and is the editor in chief of CARRIER PIGEON and regular contributor to the magazine (check out issue 2: Power, Hunger, Hubert and Sam). Alex Banner shakes the walls on bass and is our go to on all things build worthy. I unleash lot of violence on the drums and occasionally, I ink (Issue 2: No Supervision). We all collaborate to build a raw, primal atmosphere -- reminiscent to a horror movie, strung out on haunting drunken Blues and Thrash metal.

The approach we use in the creation of our songs is comparable to working on a large scale or incredibly detailed work of art... with 4 people from different musical backgrounds. Collectively, we never settle for "good enough" and none of us believe in limitations to our performance. Improvement is always demanding and we readily spend hours(days!) developing our parts and contributions to each piece, even if it means completely scrapping a song and starting over.

I strongly agree with our stance (C.P.) in providing artists with an unrestrained platform for their work. So naturally, playing raw, aggressive music is an obvious choice for me. Metal definitely shares that vision. The fans of metal all understand that in some form, many of which don corpse face paint, massive chains as belts, spikes and are usually dressed in black, plaid or tattered patchwork denim. All in support of their favorite musician's movement, lyrics or album! (Moshpit's = Surprisingly safe.)

Over the coming months, Dead Corpse will be recording several songs and playing shows in the NY area. For videos, show dates or to keep tabs on all things Dead Corpse check out our fanpage:

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